Do you have a tree in your yard which needs to be taken away? If it is old, diseased or damaged, then you need to call in professionals to perform expert tree removal in Byron Bay. In order to understand why you need to call in an expert, Tallow Tree Services can explain to you how tree removal services should be performed, and why DIY can go very wrong.

Understanding assessment

The first time that you call us to your yard to look at the tree, we will not be bringing our tools to help us. Instead, we will be assessing the tree, including its surroundings, and deciding which method will be best to get the tree safely to the ground. Unlike DIY amateurs, we know that it is not just a matter of cutting one side of the tree - we need to do so in a way which will protect you, your neighbours and your property.

Do you need a permit?

You may not realise that, in some councils around Australia, it is illegal to remove a certain type or height of tree without a permit. If you have a particular species of tree that is protected, then you may need to preserve the tree as best you can, while weeds and invasive trees may be removed without permission. Understanding this is why the Tallow Tree Services team are so important to safe removal.


Whenever you need a tree removed on your property, you should always be thinking about safety. Trees that are unstable, or that have damage or infestations are dangerous, and may pose a risk to health. If you attempt to take the tree down by yourself, you are exposing yourself to the risk of hurting someone or damaging property and being sued as a consequence.

Effective removal

We have seen the aftermath of attempts to remove trees by DIY teams, and frequently we see parts of the tree remaining in the ground, or roots that cannot be lifted. Our experienced teams can help you to make sure that the whole of the tree is gone, for good.

Let us help you

If you need assistance with tree removal in Byron Bay, then you only need to reach out to Tallow Tree Services. Our teams are here to help, so contact us today using our message form, or call 02-6687-2750 now.