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Tree Services Byron Bay


Maintain, Sustain, Safety

Tallow Tree Services is dedicated to sustainable arboricultural practices including trees and vegetation management, weed control, slashing and environment enrichment practices.
We service Byron Bay, Ballina, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Brunswick and areas across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.
Aborist carrying a tree in Byron Bay

Importance of Tree Services

Trees are a standard feature in many cities and gardens throughout Australia, and provide essential fruits, shelter for nature and can even assist us in cleaning our air. Trees provide glorious shade for our gardens, but that does not mean that they do not need us to take care of them.

While the seasons change in your backyard, your trees and large shrubs are also changing. They might grow, expanding their branches every year.

In order to make sure that your trees are in good condition, we're providing professional tree services in Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers region. Our tree services are there to prevent your trees from becoming overgrown and to provide maintenance and even removal of trees on your property.
This may include:
  • tree trimming
  • pruning
  • disease control
  • bracing of weakened trees
  • fertilising and spraying
  • and more


As trees grow more, they become weaker, and certain branches may be unstable. If a large branch cracks, then it could fall straight onto those beneath it, or onto property. Tallow Tree Services can help you to manage your trees more effectively with trimming and pruning.

Strengthening your trees

When you speak to us about our services, we may take a look at your trees, and highlight areas where branches are diseased or dead. These can affect the overall health of your tree, making it smaller and reducing the production of fruits or ornamental flowers. Pruning will benefit the tree even if it looks severe.

Emergency Tree Services Byron Bay

In order to get the best tree services in Byron Bay and surrounding areas, contact us today. We can assist you with all types of pruning, trimming and tree care as well as tree removals, so reach out to us today through our message form or call 02 6687 2750.

If there's an emergency, we're available for urgent tree services and emergency tree removals, 7 days a week with our 24-hours emergency callout. Call our mobile on 0401 208 797.
Emergency tree service in pool area

What is an arborist?

An Arborist, also called "tree doctor" or "tree surgeon", is a person that cares for and maintains trees. Arborists have been through extensive training to understand the science behind trees 'Arboriculture' and are then certified to care and maintain trees. Also Arborists are trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.