Tree Removal Byron Bay

Tree removal is a process that many Aussies will need at some point in their homeowning journey. There are many reasons for removing a tree, stemming from the health of the surrounding nature, to the safety of those living around it, to aesthetics.

When is tree removal necessary?

There are some occasions that could necessitate the removal of a tree.

The most common reason for tree removal is when a tree becomes damaged, such as during a storm. It may also begin to show cracks in its trunk, posing future potential to break. If this is the case, preemptively removing the tree could save your garden or driveway from damage (and your pockets from additional costs!).

Insect infestations could also be cause for tree removal, as they could pose a threat to those living in the surrounding area and also to flora and fauna around the affected tree.

Some of the signs that your tree should be removed include the following:

  • Cavities in the trunk or branches
  • Dead or hanging branches, especially around the upper crown
  • At the base of the trunk, a presence of fungi that produces decay, such as mushrooms
  • Peeling bark and cracks in the trunk
tree removalist byron bay
byron bay tree removal

Removal Process in Byron Bay

Here at Tallow Tree Services, we always aim to remove a tree responsibly and sustainably. The step process is simple and outlined below.

  1. Firstly, we clear the area. This ensures the tree does not fall onto anything fragile or valuable. It also makes sure we have adequate room for the tree to lay down flat once it has been removed.
  2. Next is an examination of the tree. We note down factors such as the angle of the tree if it leans, and if there are any signs of decay that could prompt the tree to collapse during the removal process.
  3. We'll begin the removal process by cutting a V-shape at the bottom of the side we estimate that the tree will fall on. This is known as an undercut.
  4. The back cut is started next, and is cut on the opposite side of the trunk roughly two-inches above the undercut. This releases the stress on the tree trunk, leading on to the final step...
  5. Timber! The tree should now fall, allowing us to move it safely away from the site and ensure the stump is all gone so the surrounding dirt isn't affected.

Benefits of tree removals

As we've touched on previously, there are many benefits to removing a tree stump. This includes the following:

  • Improving the overall appearance of the landscape
  • Improving the health of surrounding plants if the roots of the tree were becoming intrusive
  • Ensuring the safety of those that live in households around the tree in question



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