Having trees in your outdoor space is great for providing shade, both inside and outside your house. They are also a wonderful way to add kerb and visual appeal to your garden. When it comes to caring for them, you need the premier tree services in Byron Bay that are offered by Tallow Tree Services. We specialise in keeping your trees healthy and beautiful, using the following services.

Pruning and Trimming

One of the best ways to keep your trees healthy is to keep them well trimmed and pruned. This is often a job better left to our professionals because it can be dangerous and requires some skill to make sure the tree stays healthy, but also looks its best. We can remove dead limbs and cut back branches that are in the way or that don’t look nice. This is something that should typically be done once a year to ensure that your tree stays healthy. Leaving it lends a tree a scraggly look but can also get in the way of the health of your trees.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree needs to be removed. This can be due to damage or because the tree is dying or already dead. It might also be necessary if a tree is diseased and could infect other plants in the area. This is because a dead or dying tree will begin to decay, increasing the risk that it could fall, damaging cars and properties, and increasing the risk of injuring someone in the vicinity. In other cases, perhaps you have a tree that you simply don’t like or don’t want. We can help get rid of it for you in these instances as well.

Emergency Tree Services

There are some times when you might need some emergency tree services. Perhaps there’s been a heavy storm in your area and you have broken branches or a damaged tree that is posing a safety risk. Or maybe you’re dealing with a lightning strike or an accident that has damaged your tree. No matter the emergency, calling in the professionals is always your best bet as we are trained and experienced and have the right tools to properly take care of the tree and finish the job safely.

When you need quality tree services in Byron Bay, you need someone you can rely on. That’s when it’s time to call us here at Tallow Tree Services to get started.